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Waterjet Cutting

Flow Flying Bridge waterjet cutting machine capable of cutting virtually any material upto 200mm thick. Maximum size of piece 2500 x 1250mm.


Tolerances are dependent upon thickness and type of material.


Precision Grinding

We can surface grind/finish most magnetic materials and some non-magnetic materials.
2No. Snow Segmental Grinding Machines capable of grinding individual pieces up to 500mm wide x 1400mm long and 350mm high.


Tolerances = -0/+0.2mm


2No. Thompson Open sided Finishers capable of finishing individual pieces up to 600mm wide x 1500mm long and 200mm high


Tolerances achievable within 0.05mm


We also offer a smithing service for most of our ground products to ensure flatness after grinding.



Danobat 60/100 plate saw capable of sawing maximum cross section of 600 x 1050mm
Tolerance achievable of -0/+3mm


CNC Milling

Hurco VM10i new machine coming soon. Please contact us for more info.

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